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A New Rock Bottom - The Story of Tobuscus (Toby Turner)

Duration: 27:53

Joon The King

Published on 19 November 2022

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Toby was known for his creativity when he was seen as a rising star. That creativity has since then shifted unintentionally by providing ever more creative ways to ruin his reputation and chance at recovery, yet he does not stop.

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00:00 Intro
1:41 Our sponsor!
2:40 Pre YouTube Toby Turner
5:40 Beginnings on MetaCafe and YouTube
17:40 Toby gets massive traction
28:34 Burnout & less uploads
33:33 Scandal after scandal
56:40 Final attempts for a comeback & building frustration at YouTube
1:15:42 A Tesla & insanity
1:24:30 Conclusion

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Barradeen - Bedtime after coffee

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