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Can You 100% Portal And Get a Refund?

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Published on 08 May 2022

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Can I beat all of Portal's achievements, and then ask Steam for a refund? If you don't know steam's refund policy says you can get your money back for any game you play for less than 2 hours. So if I 100% the game within those 2 hours, does that policy still work?

I stream speedruns on twitch (sometimes):
Subscribe if u want cool speedrun content cus i want that

I also have a discord:

For those who watched the ending (spoilers) and know what happened with the achievement tracking itd be cool to know what the issue was. I'm like half worried I didn't properely complete certain achievements lmao (even though i did all of them), so feel free to let me know if you understand that glitch (or non-glitch idk you get what i mean)

also this is a side thing but this was a video i made within the span of two 2 weeks (technically 1 week since thats when I actually recorded the run). I wanted to challenge myself to get this video out before the idea was taken cus i thought it would go viral, so i edited this in like 1 week and its currently 7am and i havent slept i hope this vid is good enough quality for yall lmao. regardless im proud of myself for getting it out so quickly. ive never actually speedran portal before working on this vid so i hope this is a decent 100% speedrun of the game.

also, huge shoutout to uhTrance for the vid idea, I know the sekiro vid came first but that was the thumbnail i stole since it was a banger. Here's his vid where he did this challenge for Resident Evil 3 Remake:

thanks for watching i really hope you enjoyed ;)

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