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Foo Fighters - Show Me How

Duration: 04:55


Published on 25 May 2023

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From the album 'But Here We Are' // Available June 2nd
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Where have you gone?
I walk in circles
Back to square one
Made it through yesterday
Spilling wine, thinking of the time
I wrote you a melody
Rolling your eyes, I held your hand a while
You need not say anything to me
I hear you loud and clear
Loud and clear

I’ll take care of everything from now on

Where are you now?
Who will show me how?

Wait for the sun
Say hello, maybe it will come
You watched the hummingbirds
Naming every one
Do you have a minute for me?
If you don’t mind, I’ll be stopping by
To count all the little black clouds
But, don’t you worry
Please don’t worry

I’ll take care of everything from now on

Where are you now?
Who will show me how?

I’ll take care of everything from now on

Director: Tim Kellner
Editor: Tim Kellner
Cinematographer: Tim Kellner
Producer: Emily Hillgren
1st AC: Adam Billingham
PA: Khaki Jean
Location - Trout Creek Wilderness Lodge, Oregon

#FooFighters #ShowMeHow

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