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“get the look” q+a with ariana grande | r.e.m. beauty

Duration: 14:24

r.e.m. beauty

Published on 13 May 2022

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surprise! we’re sending you to the sixties with a brand new #rembeauty makeup tutorial, featuring some of our favorite products from chapters 1 + 2 (and more…)

keep watching as Ariana Grande answers some burning questions from our #remflightcrew while creating this stunning lavender graphic eye glam 💜

featured products:
#mistthing calming face mist: https://rem.beauty/3sstESH
#fullnightssleep cooling blurring undereye balm: https://rem.beauty/3N7xUPm
#midnightshadows eyeshadow palette (groovy baby): https://rem.beauty/3PkpO83
#midnightshadows eyeshadow palette (gogo boots): https://rem.beauty/3PiMepX
#midnightshadows eyeshadow palette (smitten kitten): https://rem.beauty/3FHFXA3
#midnightshadows metallic gel eyeshadow (affirmation): https://rem.beauty/3yzYflc
#attheborderline eyeliner marker (midnight black): https://rem.beauty/3FK3h04
#attheborderline kohl eyeliner pencil (so mod): https://rem.beauty/3PfOFtv
#flourishing lengthening mascara (midnight black): https://rem.beauty/3FI9Wrn
#eclipse cheek + lip stick (audition): https://rem.beauty/3N8Pm63
#onyourcollar plumping lip gloss (vcr): https://rem.beauty/3FEte0I
#utmostimportance plumping lip gloss (clear): https://rem.beauty/3l3VyQK

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