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I Made the World’s Largest Map in Hardcore Minecraft…

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Published on 19 September 2022

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I attempted to beat the world record for the largest map room in hardcore Minecraft!
This video was a blast to make! I spent nearly 150 hours with recording and editing to produce it! There was even a time when I accidentally deleted all of the footage and thought I needed to scrap it! That is why I am so proud to present the largest ever map room made fully in hardcore Minecraft to you!

There are about 7,900 maps here in case you were curious.

Thank you @ianxofour for the obsidian farm design! - https://www.youtube.com/user/ianxofour
Sorting process (for maps)

I didn't want to cover it within the video because it was lengthy to explain, but here is how I sorted the maps to make the room. First of all, I would put about 16 shulker empty boxes inside of my ender chest. From there, I would find the location to start mapping and then put the amount of maps I needed to go in that specific direction into my hotbar. That way I would not need to count the entire time. Whenever the hotbar got full, I would put the maps into the inventory. And whenever that got full, I would put the inventory into shulkers. From there, I would repeat the process. I also had to mentally keep track of my location within the world, plus where the next row of maps would be. This entire process was mentally taxing, but effective in making a circlular map room!
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