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The Nintendo Iceberg: A Deeper Look

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Published on 11 May 2022

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Join me as I talk my way through the Nintendo iceberg, with my own personal anecdotes, opinions, and theories behind the many strange and mysterious points this iceberg has to offer!
(by the way, I recorded the audio for this video while getting over being sick, so, sorry if my voice sounds a bit different!)


This is a small section I'm adding for missed facts, or things I got blatantly false, that I would like to add here for posterity. Comment if you feel something should be added to this list!

1. The Super Mario 64 "so long'a bowser" quote was originally removed from the "Shindou Pak Taiou" version. basically, a version of Super Mario 64 with rumble, and some fixed glitches/oddities, such as no longer being able to do backwards long jumping, a popular speedrunning technique.

2. the hell valley sky trees return in WarioWare Get it Together on the Switch, and with that, Nintendo officially acknowledging them.

3. Mario's stereotypical Italian accent provided by Charles Martinet, can be blamed in regards to many mishearing "so long'a bowser", sort of like how he says "it's'a me, mario!" I didn't think this was something that needed to be said, as it's a bit obvious how heavy Mario's accent is, but I get comments about it a lot so I'll include it.

4. In regards to Metroid's Justin Bailey password, samus having the pink leotard and green hair isn't a unique color pallet. it's the color that she changes to when she wears the Varia suit. that's it. the color is NOT special or something given to samus because of the password. when samus doesn't have the varia suit, but is wearing the leotard, she has reddish brown hair, and this switches to blonde when you switch weapons to missles. when you have the varia suit equipped, her hair simply changes shades of green. I always thought Justin Bailey was unique because the color samus takes, but no. its just special because it gives you everything, including the varia suit equipped right from the start, hence the green hair.


(I used so many songs in this video, it would be quite a task to name them all, so, if you're curious about any, just leave a comment and I'll do my best to get the song name for you!)

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