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When BTS J-Hope Switches To Dance Teacher Mode

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Published on 28 April 2022

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J-Hope can be our sunshine, but don’t let BTS‘s J-Hope‘s smiley face fool you — the truth is, his expression from this face can instantly turn to serious face when he’s in dance teacher mood. It turns out that whenever the group’s dancing machine is concentrating on monitoring their performances, he transforms from a bright sun to a dark moon that can easily intimidate all the BTS members. His stare is extremely scary for the members that V asked him directly if he could tone it down a little! "Hoseok-hyung, you give us a scary look when we make a mistake on stage. Don’t do that." - V said. Jungkook laughing heartily when V requested this, too, since he knows that whenever he makes a mistake, J-Hope is also the first person to notice. The BTS members, on the other hand, always do their hardest to gain compliments from teacher J-Hope, and they truly enjoy it.
This video are some moments when J-Hope showed off his serious side.

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